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Here you can sign up for courses in Perm, online, as well as for studying abroad with full immersion.
Study five languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese.
PORTAL language space is a language school for adults and schoolchildren.
Фотография языковой школы
Get ready for the state exams with us!
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  • Interactive classes aimed at communication
  • Study via a laptop or a smartphone
  • From any place in the world
  • Individually or in a mini-group
  • Live communication with a teacher and a special atmosphere
  • Opportunity to leave your comfort zone and find yourself in new conditions
  • Only in Perm
  • Individually and in a mini-group
Live communication is the main thing for us!
Teaching to communicate in a foreign language is the main goal of our program. The communicative approach means that we teach our students to speak in the first place.
Студенты языковой школы
Interactive learning
PORTAL language space is a place for freedom and creativity, where each student matters. At PORTAL we work with love for what we do.
студенты изучают английский язык
Best teachers
Our teachers are certified linguists and philologists. Each of them has a high level of language, which is confirmed by international certificates - CPE, Göthe-Zertifikat, DELE. And the main teaching method is communicative approach. Our teachers will help you not only to learn grammar rules, but fully communicate using the language
Студент языковой школы
фото с занятий английского языка
Straight to your target
After completing the course at PORTAL, you will be able to confirm your knowledge on any international exam.
Фото студентов языковой школы
Following preferences
To make learning not only practical, but also fun, we focus on the interests of students. And if you're keen on cooking, then we will include it in the curriculum.

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We will test the level of the language for free, define a starting point and set goals. We will select a suitable program and answer all your questions.


This means that
- our programs are officially approved
- PORTAL students can return income tax 13% of the cost of education or pay for the child's education with maternity capital


Natalia Yakhnina
My fourth-grader daughter goes to PORTAL with great pleasure! It is interesting and comfortable for her there.
I like everything - the atmosphere, the teacher, the guys in the group and cookies and sweets after class.
Julia, an English teacher, conducts classes wonderfully. The children not only perform mandatory tasks, but also watch cartoons, play in English :)
My daughter comes home from school in a great mood! Thank you, PORTAL!
The people at PORTAL really love what they do. They can explain an incomprehensible topic over and over again, play funny videos, sing songs with you, cheer you up when something goes wrong. I think that the main indicator of the quality of work is happy students who every day go to PORTAL for new knowledge, exciting games and communication in a foreign language.

This year I went to Spain and the people who spoke to me were surprised when they found out that I have been studying the language for only a year. This is a reason for me to thank PORTAL again. Do not be afraid to start something new, because it can become a very important part of your life!
I have been studying English at PORTAL for almost a year. During this year, I have significantly improved my knowledge. Finally I stopped being afraid to speak. I am always pleased with the pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the team and in the classroom, so I come to classes with great pleasure. Thank you, PORTAL, for bringing my dream closer to reality!
Yaroslava's mom, PORTAL student
Ksenia Ermolaeva
After completing the course (Elementary level) I increased my vocabulary, started to correctly pronounce the words that I had previously misspelled. I felt the subtleties of grammar (we talked a lot every lesson) and became more confident in terms of using the language.

We were taught by Anastasia – a cultured, tactful and highly educated person who not only knows her subject perfectly, but also loves it and, importantly, knows how to present it competently. Thank you for your hard work, for your patience!
Denis Parsegov

Sign up for free testing

⭐ A whole hour of active language practice;
⭐ The opportunity to get to know our language space and your teacher better;
⭐ Evaluate our teaching approach and methodology.
Free lesson will be held on Zoom!
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Sign up for free testing
⭐ A whole hour of active language practice;
⭐ The opportunity to get to know our language space and mentor better;
⭐ Evaluate our teaching approach and methodology.
A free lesson will take place in our office on 14 Osinskaya street!
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