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The course lasts from 5 to 9 months. The classes be held 2 times a week for 90 minutes
We work according to the communicative approach, which means that you'll start speaking from the first lesson and learn to apply knowledge in practice. 70% of the course consists of speaking + listening, 30% is grammar
Education takes place under the thoughtful supervision of our teachers. A teacher determines your level, identifies strengths and weaknesses, draws up a training program and monitors your progress, adjusting the program
We have small groups, which means that all students are trained under the strict supervision of a teacher
We work with authentic textbooks compiled by native speakers. All tasks are written in the original language, which allows you to stay in good shape even before performing the exercise and throughout the entire training.
The most comfortable organization of the educational process: an office in the very center of the city and the opportunity to study online. Also, each student can choose a company and study individually, in a group or in a mini-group.
Learn up to date Chinese
Apply your knowledge in practice
On average, during the course you will master 12 new topics and add 500-600 new words to your vocabulary.
You will be able to solve your problems and achieve your goals
Communicating in Chinese is fluently. Your speech will become more expressive and your vocabulary will be extensive, even if you finish the first language level

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We'll test your language level for free, determine your starting point, and set goals. We will select a suitable program and answer all your questions.
Knowledge of Chinese is highly valued when doing business
Knowledge of the language will help to deepen in the study of scientific works, literature, sacred texts in the original and thereby better comprehend the soul of the East
Knowledge of Chinese will greatly simplify life when traveling not only in China, but also in other countries.
Knowledge of Chinese will be an excellent line in your portfolio for the future and will help to take a higher position in a good company.
There are dozens of prestigious universities in China, which are famous worldwide.

Natalia Yakhnina
My fourth-grader daughter goes to PORTAL with great pleasure! It is interesting and comfortable for her there.
I like everything - the atmosphere, the teacher, the guys in the group and cookies and sweets after class.
Julia, an English teacher, conducts classes wonderfully. The children not only perform mandatory tasks, but also watch cartoons, play in English :)
My daughter comes home from school in a great mood! Thank you, PORTAL!
The people at PORTAL really love what they do. They can explain an incomprehensible topic over and over again, play funny videos, sing songs with you, cheer you up when something goes wrong. I think that the main indicator of the quality of work is happy students who every day go to PORTAL for new knowledge, exciting games and communication in a foreign language.

This year I went to Spain and the people who spoke to me were surprised when they found out that I have been studying the language for only a year. This is a reason for me to thank PORTAL again. Do not be afraid to start something new, because it can become a very important part of your life!
I have been studying English at PORTAL for almost a year. During this year, I have significantly improved my knowledge. Finally I stopped being afraid to speak. I am always pleased with the pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the team and in the classroom, so I come to classes with great pleasure. Thank you, PORTAL, for bringing my dream closer to reality!
Yaroslava's mom, PORTAL student
Ksenia Ermolaeva
After completing the course (Elementary level) I increased my vocabulary, started to correctly pronounce the words that I had previously misspelled. I felt the subtleties of grammar (we talked a lot every lesson) and became more confident in terms of using the language.

We were taught by Anastasia – a cultured, tactful and highly educated person who not only knows her subject perfectly, but also loves it and, importantly, knows how to present it competently. Thank you for your hard work, for your patience!
Denis Parsegov
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⭐ A whole hour of active language practice;
⭐ The opportunity to get to know our language space and mentor better;
⭐ Evaluate our teaching approach and methodology.
A free lesson will take place in our office on the 14 Osinskaya street or on Zoom!

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Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary is about 500-600 words.
  • Listening comprehension: phrases and sentences spoken slowly, with pauses, and very clearly (for example, simple questions and instructions).
  • Colloquial speech: you can talk about yourself, your family, and friends.
  • Reading: simple texts with familiar words and previously encountered phrases, as well as learned grammar, simple instructions (for example, a task for an exercise).
  • Writing: individual words, simple sentences, fill out a questionnaire, make short descriptions.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary is about 1000-1300 words.
  • Listening comprehension: sentences that relate to the most common topics. When listening to news, watching movies, there is an understanding of the overall theme or plot, especially with visual support.
  • Colloquial speech: the expression of opinions, requests, provided that the context is familiar.
  • When greeting and saying goodbye, talking on the phone, etc., "blanks"are used.
  • Reading: short texts with a small amount of unfamiliar vocabulary, ads and signs.
  • Writing: describing people and events, composing simple letters using familiar cliches.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary consists of 1400-1800 words.
  • Understanding speech by ear: a dialogue or monologue on everyday topics, when viewing, for example, news, you can catch all the key points. When watching movies, a listener of this level may not understand individual phrases and sentences, but follows the plot. Understands movies with subtitles well.
  • Conversation: you can give an assessment and express your opinion about an event, maintain a fairly long conversation on familiar topics ("Art", "Appearance", "Personality", "Movies", "Entertainment", etc.).
  • Reading: complex texts, including journalistic articles.
  • Writing: a written expression of one's opinion or assessment of the situation, drawing up one's biography, or describing events.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary of a listener of this level is about 2000-2500 words.
  • Understanding speech by ear: captures not only the general meaning, but also specific details, understands movies, interviews, videos without translation and subtitles.
  • Colloquial speech: expresses a point of view, their agreement/disagreement on almost any non-isolated topic. Can take an active part in discussions or discussions on non-specific topics without preparation.
  • Reading: understands complex texts that are not related to familiar topics and areas of life, unadapted literature. Can understand the meaning of unfamiliar words from the context (fiction, information sites, dictionary articles).
  • Writing: can compose a letter in an official and informal style, skillfully uses written English, can make long descriptions of events and stories, give personal comments.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary consists of 3000-4000 words.
  • Comprehension of speech by ear: understands well even linguistically complex speech on unfamiliar topics, almost completely understands videos without translation and subtitles.
  • Conversational speech: can freely give his assessment of any situation, give comparisons or contrasts, uses different speech styles.
  • The conversation is conducted in both an official and informal style. Speaks correctly with a small number of errors, can catch and correct their mistakes.
  • Reading: has a large vocabulary for understanding unadapted English texts.
  • Letter: can independently write an article, official and unofficial letters. Can know and use different styles when creating written text.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • The vocabulary is about 4000-6000 words.
  • Listening comprehension: understands speech that is not clearly pronounced (for example, announcements at a train station or at an airport), and perceives complex information in detail (for example, reports or lectures). Understands up to 95% of the information on the video without translation.
  • Conversational language: uses English very effectively for spontaneous communication, uses a conversational and formal style of communication, depending on the speech situation. Uses phraseological units and idioms in speech.
  • Reading: easily understands unadapted fiction and non-fiction, complex articles on specific topics (physics, geography, etc.).)
  • Writing: can write formal and informal letters, narratives, articles, essays, research papers.
Your knowledge after completing the course

  • You can talk about complex topics related to absolutely any, including specific and professional topics. You can make a long monologue without preparation, while using a serious rich vocabulary and a variety of grammatical constructions.
  • You can quickly and correctly perform written work of any complexity, easily write any type of letters, essays, documents (resume, letter of recommendation, etc.).
  • You can easily hear the speech of native speakers and anyone who speaks English. At the same time, you thoroughly understand the meaning of what is said and can process the information received.
  • You read serious texts, modern and classical literature in the original. Understand scientific and other types of texts with complex vocabulary and grammar.
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