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PORTAL teachers are not only professionals, but also bright personalities with whom you will be interested in learning.
We are graduates and holders of high-level international certificates.

With us you are in the right hands!
We are continuously improving the qualifications of our teachers!
Our teachers are certified linguists and philologists. Each of them has a high level of language, which is confirmed by international certificates - CPE, Göthe-Zertifikat, DELE. And the main teaching method is communicative approach. Teachers will help you not only to learn grammar rules, but to fully communicate in the language.

3 year
The PORTAL language space has been working since 2017. It was in 2017 that the first classes at PORTAL took place. Since then, there have been many events that we would like to tell you about.
14 employees
When our center began to work, our team consisted of 5 people, now there are 14. The number of students is growing and we want to pay more and more attention to everyone, and therefore our team is increasing and now we have not only new mentors, but also a managing staff, which always carefully monitors all processes and is ready to answer any question.
More than 700 students
Our students are our family. We know each student and we are responsible for the result. Everyone inspires us, because the life of students is getting better with new language knowledge. Many of our students have stayed with us from the first year of our work and have achieved heights in studying of several languages. And thanks to the direction of online learning, our students study with us, being not only in Perm, but also in other cities.
Spacious new office
Some of our students remember our first small office, where there were only 2 classrooms. Now our office is a spacious place with five large bright rooms, a coffee waiting area where each student can enjoy coffee or tea before class and a teachers' room.
6 languages
From the first day of foundation, 5 languages were available, but in the second year of the existence of the language space, we began to teach Russian as a foreign language.
Hey! My name is Nika and I am the founder of the PORTAL Language Space. My whole life has been connected with foreign languages: at the age of 6 I began to study German at a school with in-depth study of German, lived and studied in an exchange in Germany, graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and began teaching while studying at the university.
I have always noticed that many have prejudices or difficulties in learning foreign languages: "I understand, but I don't speak"; fear of making a mistake; the idea that learning a language is learning 100 words a day and a volume of grammar a month. In fact, language learning is about more than just vocabulary and grammar rules. The main goal of learning a language is communication with new people, not translation and cramming of texts, right? That is why I created PORTAL - a language space with a unique atmosphere, where everyone, young and old, can discover a new "I" in themselves with each new language. PORTAL mentors will help you break down the language barrier, learn how to turn your thoughts into fluent speech and prove that there are no "disabled" in language learning. Take it step by step and trust your mentor. You will definitely succeed!

I was trained in the course "Linguistics and intercultural communication, German and English" at the Perm Technical University, I also took courses and seminars of the Goethe-Institut for teachers of German. I have been teaching since 2003.

The emphasis in the learning process is immersion in the language environment. To master a foreign language, you need to surround yourself with it and start thinking in it - from the very beginning listen, watch, read a lot and, of course, not be afraid to speak with mistakes. After all, mistakes make us stronger, develop awareness and enable us to move on.

She studied at a school with in-depth study of the German language, graduated from the Pedagogical University with honors in the direction of "German language". Teaching experience from 2016-2020. I am the winner of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in the Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

The most important thing in my work is the ability to find an individual approach to each student in order to help unleash his potential

Graduated from the faculty of SIYAL PSNIU in 2009 with a degree in Translation and Translation Studies.

Teaching experience - 10 years

For me, the most important thing in what I do is the results of my students, the compliance of their goals with the results, as well as a process where there is pleasure from learning and communicating with new people.

Graduated from Perm State National Research University, faculty of "Modern foreign languages and literatures" in the direction of "Linguistics".

I have been teaching English for 7 years - since I started studying at the university.

Experience in working with students of all ages (children from 3 years old, schoolchildren, adults). I have teaching experience not only in Russia, but also in China. In the learning process, I consider the main thing to teach the student to speak a foreign language! That is, everything that we learn in the lesson must necessarily be used in speech - in games, dialogues and monologues that can be applied in real situations in real life.

Graduated from the Perm State University with honors with a degree in Linguistics.

I have been teaching for 5 years and my main goal is to give students the freedom to speak, because nothing is more important! Courses in Spain gave me the opportunity to learn from the international experience of language education, and I can't wait to pass it on to you!

She began to study English as soon as she spoke Russian.

She participated in an exchange program and lived and studied in the United States for a year.

She received a higher education in economics, a translator's diploma, and also worked as an English teacher in China for two years.

I chose the career of a teacher, because I believe that I help make the world a better place, the boundaries of creation are wider, and the ambitious dreams of students are closer.

In 2008, while studying at the State Pedagogical Institute, she received additional education "Teacher of English in primary school." In 2014 she graduated from the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

She started teaching English in 2009 at a kindergarten.

When teaching English, I try to cover all the skills: speaking, writing, reading. The most important thing is not only to give knowledge to students, but also to instill a love for a new language.

My life has been connected with French since I was 6 years old. At first I studied at a French school, then I entered the PSNIU at SIYAL and at the age of 20 left for an exchange to Grenoble in the very heart of the French Alps. Developed an online course for studying Russian as well as a foreign language. She completed an internship at the Sorbonne University.

In the process of teaching, the most important thing for me is to teach students that very modern, spoken, lively French language and try to reveal French culture in the brightest colors.

Graduated from PSU, I am a bachelor-translator and a master of pedagogical sciences.

She took a language training in Spain, Haka, in intensive language courses.

I have been teaching for almost 3 years. In the classroom, we try to speak as much as possible, analyze various everyday situations, including Spanish quarrels. It is very important for me that my students feel as comfortable as possible in the classroom, not afraid to express even the craziest idea.

For 3 years she lived in China, completed her master's degree at Harbin Polytechnic University. She started teaching Chinese in 2017 after returning from China.

In our Chinese lessons, we try to work on all parts of language learning, listening, pronunciation, grammar, etc.
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